Trinity Marketing

About Trinity Marketing

The Trinity name and symbol is derived from an ancient Celtic belief. The Trinity symbol is compromised of three interwoven arcs, distinct yet equal and inseparable, and is said to represent any Union of Three. We believe that the three separate segments represented in our logo form the bond between the Customers, the Manufacturers and Trinity Marketing.

We have and will continue to represent our manufactures at a majority of the Distributor, Commercial and Recreational shows in our area of responsibility. Shows such as the Maryland Watermen's Show, Mass Lobstermen's Association, the Maine Boat Builders Show, and Maine Fishermen's Forum, the Toronto Boat Show and the Moncton, New Brunswick and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Fish Expo's.

Jack Hogan

Jack Hogan

Jack has 25+ years experience in the marine industry and has established strong ties to both his customers' and to the Manufacture's that he represents. After retiring from the Army in 1985 having served for 24 years, he has been involved in growth positions within the marine industry. Starting as a Marine Store Manager in Gloucester, MA to Regional Sales Manager for Rule Industries to working with a nationally known Marine Rep firm, for 13 years.

Jack Hogan

Mary Louise Hogan

Mary Louise or ML as she is known has been active in the travel industry for the past 30 years. After selling her retail travel agency, she has worked with a former client to help expand his packing and shipping business. As Office Manager for Trinity Marketing she is directly involved in all of the day to day activities.